Whistle Key Finder Keychain Sound LED With Whistle Claps


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Small size, easy to carry
Find your key or any other items easily
Remote control by sound
Whistle or shout to make it beep and flash
Can be used as an LED light as well
LED Color: Red
Battery required: AG3 (included)


Attach this electronic key finder to your keys. When you lose your key in your dawer, cupboard, under the bed etc. You can just whistle then it sounds and flashes to help you to find your keys. One high light led helps you to find your way in the dark
All you need to do is clap, whistle or shout. Any loud noise over 1000-1200hz causes the promotion gift to beep and the light to flash.
Please note that we don’t offer color choice, all this item will be picked and packed at random, and some of the finders have no ON & OFF marks on it, but that won’t affect the using of it, hope this won’t be a big issure, thanks.


This item’s switching sequence is turn on in the left, turn off in the right.
Part of products without switching mark on it, it doesn’t influence using.

Package included:

1 x Key finder
( with electric battery inside )


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