DC 12V 2A Mini UPS Power Supply On-line Type Battery Pack Short Circuit for Security/Monitoring/Alarm/Networking


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Mini UPS is a DC uninterruptible power supply which can storage power, it is designed to provide emergency power backup to all kinds of DC power equipments such as routers, modems, set-top boxes, VOIP phone systems, surveillance systems, alarm systems and many critical telecom equipments. It can provide hours of operation during power failure at a low price vs a traditional UPS. Our Mini UPS has perfectly overcharge, over discharge, overcurrent and short circuit protection function.


Matching UPS Rating

Output Voltage Rating: 12V?5%
Input Current Rating: 2A
Power Rating: 24W
Adaptor Ripple: 1%
Output Socket: 5.5 x 2.5mm
Transfer Time: 6mS (ref)

Battery data

Battery data Battery type: Li-ion
Battery pack voltage: 11.1V
Battery Protection: Battery Protection IC & MCU Monitoring Dual Protection
Battery capacity: 11.1V 2000mAh
Recharge time: 8hrs to 90% (2000mAh)
LED Status
Adaptor Work
: Red LED Light
UPS Work: Green LED Light
Battery Pack Charging: Blue LED Trotting Horse Lamp
Battery Pack Charge:Complete All Blue LED OFF
Battery Pack Discharging: Blue LED Flash
Battery Pack Low Power: Blue LED Quick Flash
0-25% Electricity: LED1 ON
25-50% Electricity: LED1 & LED2 ON
50-75% Electricity: LED1 & LED2 & LED3 ON
75-100% Electricity: LED1 & LED2 & LED3 & LED4 ON
Press 3-5S
: Enter Sleep Mode
Press 1S: Display battery capacity
Others Operating temperature: 0-50?
Operating Humidity: 5~90% RH
Backup time: 2 to 10 hours


Package included: 
1 x Mini UPS(with 3 x 2000mah battery pack)
1 x Y cable
1 x User Instructions

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