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Celion CE3 Korean Energy supplement Nadi is more effective than other supplements / energy production, metabolism, anti-ageing, improving cellular ATP, performance best / vegan 30 tablets 20mg.
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Product benefits Immune system support Energy management Brain health Brain health Anti-Aging
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Why heatstroke? “Selenium is the latest dietary supplement that has been clinically proven to provide cellular energy longer and better than any other dietary supplement. Nandi is expensive to produce and it is very difficult for the body to stabilise a proven form. Serion is currently the only stable Nandi There is only one patent – it is natural, not synthetic and easily absorbed by the body.
Nadi-Nadi is the antioxidant vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 is a natural enzyme found in all living cells and is essential for cellular ATP development and energy production. Nadi improves the body’s ability to absorb and renew cellular energy stores (ATP).
Immediate benefits – no caffeine, sugar or other dietary supplements are needed as Therion is a natural dietary supplement that increases total energy.

Long-term benefits – optimises ATP production, supports cellular energy production, reduces chronic fatigue, improves mental clarity, enhances sports performance, prevents ageing and reduces the likelihood of age-related diseases.
Why this is important. “Because nandi levels decline with age, supplementation is an important and most effective way to optimise production. A healthy diet does not preclude this, as almost all nandi in food sources is destroyed before cooking or digestion by stomach acid. Vegetarians and vegans often have low levels of nandi because their diet is meat-based.

buy cellion ce3 20mg online

Celion original, stabilised, patented Nandi food


Vegan, gluten and casein free.
Celion CE3 is the latest dietary supplement that optimises Nadi levels and provides better and more sustained cellular energy.

Optimises healthy body functions.
Anti-ageing properties
Improved sports performance
Premium ENADA Celion CE3 is designed for high-performance athletes and leaders who need maximum energy, mental clarity and alertness. ENADA Celion CE3 is the result of thousands of hours and years of product development. The oral tablets deliver energy almost instantly.


buy cellion ce3 20mg online
buy cellion ce3 20mg online

ENADA Celion CE3 is everything ENADA Nadi 20x is not. It is ideal for athletes and drivers who need fast natural energy. It is ideal for inducing sleep, improving energy and promoting clarity and focus in body, mind, spirit and soul.


Nandi is a bioactive antioxidant vitamin B-3. Nandi is known as biological rocket fuel and is essential for the production of ATP (cellular energy). Nadi is involved in basic metabolism, breaking down glucose and fat and providing energy to the brain, nerves, muscles, heart and all other organs.

Nadi is a powerful antibiotic that helps restore DNA, strengthens the immune system and promotes cell regeneration.


Stimulates stamina and endurance.
Increases mental clarity, focus and attention.
Increased sleepiness
Naturally increases energy without crashes or interruptions
Increases response time
Increases oxygen levels
Protects muscles
Maintains natural medical symptoms
Recommendations for use.

Take Nandi tablets as needed. Place under the tongue until completely dissolved (1 minute). To make the medicine most effective, do not chew. Limit swallowing under the tongue. Wait until the tablet has dissolved completely.

FDA disclaimer: The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these claims. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

buy cellion ce3 20mg


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